Welcome to Sound Ideas Theatre Company and our final production for 2019, Spring Awakening

“Those you’ve known and lost still walk behind you…”
Spring Awakening combines an electrifying rock-pop score and genre-defying writing to tell an explicit story of sexual and adolescent discovery. An international sensation and winner of 8 Tony and 4 Olivier Awards.
Presented in an immersive, derelict playground a group of teenagers are abandoned to their own devices. Navigating adolescence with their feelings, unaided.
This production brings Frank Wedekind’s story into the 21st century showing that in a connected world tied together through social media and screens, the taboo of talking to your parents is still prevalent. With a lack of human discussion, information is cropped and filtered and can come across as one-sided and warped, especially in juvenile hands.
They find that through each other they unlock a bold and brave new world – with both beautiful and tragic consequences.
This is Spring Awakening – Reimagined.

October 1st-4th. Epic Studios.

Please note, this production handles some very difficult subjects that some audience members might find uncomfortable. Including but not limited to, simulated sex, masturbation, suicide, self harm, child abuse and abortion. The musical is an adaptation of the original play written in the 1890s of the same name.
Headstrong, handsome, and charismatic. He knows much more than the others because of what he reads and is able to see the corruption in society. He very well could have risen to the top of his class, but instead rejects his school’s hard regime and rebels against it.
A naive young girl who has limited knowledge about adult issues, causing her to have trouble understanding things such as sexual attraction, her friend Martha’s abuse, and pregnancy. She tends to learn these things by experiencing them. She is a childhood friend of the boys, and is the best friend of Thea. She has a sexual relationship with Melchior.
Intense and nervous. Melchior’s best friend. He feels intense pressure from his parents and his peers to succeed, and he frequently struggles in school.
Another childhood friend who runs away from an abusive home to live in an artists’ colony. She is somewhat less connected to the main story than the other children, as she doesn’t appear in multiple group numbers. Ilse is used almost symbolically in many scenes. To Martha, she is a warning of what may happen if she speaks out. To Moritz, she is hope, and a last chance for him.
A humorous, intelligent and narcissistic classmate of Melchior. Comfortable with his sexuality, he is Ernst’s love interest.
A friend of Wendla’s who is abused by her father, the worst evidence of which she hides from others. She has a crush on Moritz, and is chastised by the other girls for it. It is also implied that Ilse was like Martha, prior to her escape to the artists’ colony.
A sweet classmate. He is Hänschen’s love interest.
Another classmate who lusts after his older, busty piano teacher.
Another classmate who has a dream about his mother.
A confrontational school girl and Wendla’s best friend. She has a crush on Melchior.
An innocent school girl and Martha’s best friend.
Will multi-role as all male adults.
Will multi-role as all female adults.
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