Performing With Pride

Friday, August 4TH 2017

“At half past ten, it’s gonna start raining men!’”

Hello and welcome to the shiny new blog of Sound Ideas Theatre Company! This week we’re talking all things pride!

Every year in July, Norwich is engulfed with fabulous clothes and rainbow flags! This year Sound Ideas were invited to perform on the main stage with the cast of ‘Priscilla: Queen of the Desert!’

Pride is to celebrate LGBT+ people – and a chance for the whole community to come together with friends, families and colleagues. It’s a day for people to be themselves and to celebrate life.

The first Norwich Pride was held in 2009 and the event continues to grow every year -attracting more and more people to enjoy the parade and a day of free entertainment.

“The world’s grey enough without making it worse. What we need is individuality.”

– Billy Elliot

Every time I step in to the rehearsal room with Sound Ideas I genuinely burst with pride. I’m constantly impressed with the amazing dedication and talent that our members bring to the floor.

Pride is a term that can be used widely – but I’m lucky enough to be able to use it when talking about my friends and colleagues on a daily basis. The video to the right is of our fabulous leading ladies from our production of Priscilla.

On Saturday they stepped on to a stage in front of thousands of people and belted their hearts out in true diva style months ahead of rehearsals for the show! That dedication and enthusiasm is what really makes me proud.

Of course, Priscilla is several shows down the line for us, but it was fabulous to see even a snippet of the show on stage this week.

Speaking of pride – this week our fabulous cast of USHERS: The Front of House Musical finished blocking the first act ahead of their opening night in just over four weeks time. We’ve managed to assemble an incredible group of six performers, including recent stage school graduates, current students and local talent all working together.

This week we’ll be working with them to create some fabulous imagery to share with our community and will be introducing you to each of our #stagey cast members. Keep an eye on our social media for live streams of some of our favourite parts of the show at this weekends rehearsal!

Now, go forward and have a fabulous week and remember to do what makes you proud.

Dan Smith
Team Sound Ideas

Album of the week!

Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

Of course our album of the week is the FABULOUS Priscilla: Queen of the Desert! How could it not be? Ever since Friday we haven’t been able to get It’s Raining Men out of our head, so we thought we should share the love. You can listen below to one of our favourite tracks from the show – but even better, make sure you buy the entire album from Amazon!